JV85 Pro 200AW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • 200AW Ultra Strong Suction Power
  • Run up to 70 Mins on A Full Charge
  • Intelligent LED Display for Easy Control
  • 0.6L Large Dust Cup
  • Removable Battery for Convenient Charging
  • Flexible Metal Tube for Cleaning Every Corner
  • Patented Horizontal Cyclone Technology
  • Cleaning Hair Without Winding Around The Brush Roll
  • EU
  • UK
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JV85 Pro: Less Weight & More Power for Cleaning Multiple Floor Surfaces

We always want to make the cleaning deeper, easier and quicker. With stronger suction power and less weight, JV85 Pro is born to be a good helper to keep your house clean and hygienic. When it's time to clean, take JIMMY. Don't worry. We can handle it.

200AW Strong Suction Power With 200AW suction power, JV85 Pro is stronger than most of its competitors, which is capable of deep and thorough cleaning, removing all kinds of dirt, such as dust, debris and hair.


Run up to 70 Minutes Equipped with 8 cells of 2500mAh lithium batteries, JV85 Pro can work up to 70 minutes. Thanks to the detachable design, its runtime can be doubled by an extra battery pack, which is definitely long enough to clean your entire house.

Bendable Metal Tube Designed with a bendable metal tube, it can reach deep inside the space under your furniture. Cleaning with JV85 Pro, you no longer need to bend or kneel down to clean any places.

More User-friendly Designs
  • One single press to empty the dust cup;
  • Special upper handle design for comfortable holding and carrying;
  • A charge holder for convenient charging;
  • Light weight for effortless cleaning;

Multiple Brush Heads Coming with 6 different brush heads, JV85 Pro is able to pick up debris and dust in any corners. Own a JV85 Pro cleaner, and you'll be happy to find out that you've got all the cleaning tools you need for cleaning the whole house. What a great money saver!

What's In the Package There are 13 parts in total, including a flexible tube, a stretch hose, a handheld vacuum, a charger, a charge holder, a detachable batter pack and 6 different brush heads.

Data sheet

JV85 Pro
Product Weight
Package Weight
Package Dimensions
Rated Power
Suction Pressure
Suction Power
Max Working Time
70 Mins
Battery Capacity
Charging Time
Dust Cup Capacity
Smart LED Display
Filtration System
H13 True HEPA
Speed Mode Option
3 Modes

Specific References


How do I store my vacuum?

We recommend storing the vacuum in the charging dock or on the wall-mounted dock that comes with the vacuum. You can place the main body of the vacuum on any flat surface.

How to store the battery if not use the device for a long time?

If you don’t use the device for a long time, we suggest putting the battery in a cool and dry place. Please ensure that the battery is fully charged before storage and charge the machine every three months at least to refresh the battery.

How should I charge the battery?

JV51, JV53 LITE, JV53, JV83: you can charge it with the battery on machine or take the battery out of the machine and charge it separately.

JV71, JV63, JV65, JV85, JV85 Pro: you can charge it with the battery on machine.

How long should I charge the vacuum?

The charging time is around 4~5 hours. When the indicator light turns to green from red, the vacuum is fully charged.

How long is the battery life?

Normally, the battery needs to be replaced after around 500 charging cycles. If you charge it three times a week, the battery can work for around three years.

Where can I buy another new battery?

You can buy a new battery from the local distributor or the local online shop.

How long can my vacuum work after charging

The working time of the vacuum varies from power modes and brush tools used.


Working Time after Each Charge

JV51, JV71, JV53 LITE, JV53

With non-electric brush: about 45mins on normal mode and 8mins on strong mode;

With electric brush: about 35mins on normal mode and 7mins on strong mode;

JV63, JV83, JV85

With non-electric brush: about 60mins on normal mode, 30mins on turbo mode and 11mins on max mode;

With electric brush: about 40mins on normal mode, 20mins on turbo mode and 9mins on max mode;

JV65, JV85 Pro

With non-electric brush: about 70mins on normal mode, 35mins on turbo mode and 9mins on max mode;

With electric brush: about 45mins on normal mode, 25mins on turbo mode and 8mins on max mode;

What is the function of each accessory?




To clean dust, hair, debris and dirt from hard floor, carpet, title, etc.;

Electric Mattress Head

To beat up and clean dust, dust mite and dust mite allergen from sofa and bed;

Carpet Brushroll

It can be mounted on floorhead to do deep cleaning on carpet.

2-in-1 Upholstery Tool

Cleaning dust on closet, sofa, windowsill and table surface;

2-in-1 Crevice Tool

To clean crevices, corners and other narrow areas;

Soft brush

Cleaning scratched furniture, such as book shelf and artworks;

Stretch Hose

To connect the handheld vacuum cleaner and accessories to clean areas that are hard to reach;


It can be connected to other tools and bent to different angle to clean dust on top of high cabinets or on the roof;

Can the vacuum pick up pet hair?

Yes, JIMMY vacuum can pick up pet hair from hard floor, carpet or sofa. The JIMMY floorhead has a unique design that can separate the hair from brushroll to avoid hair entangling around brushroll, which saves you a lot of trouble to clean the hair on brushroll.

Can I use the vacuum on tile?

Yes, JIMMY vacuum can be used to on tile.

Can I use the vacuum on carpet?

Yes, JIMMY vacuum can be used on undercoat carpet. It can pick up big debris, hair and dust from carpet.

Can I use the vacuum to pick up liquid?

No, the vacuum cannot be used to pick up liquid. It may cause blockage to filter. If liquid enters the motor, it may cause damage.

Do I have to use the tube?

You can use it as a hand vac OR with the tube. Both work well.

Is there a wall mounted bracket that I could use for my Jimmy cordless stick vacuum?

Yes, JIMMY vacuums come with a wall mounted bracket for charging and storing the machine, and also for storing tools.

How to clean dust cup?

Dust cup can be emptied from bottom. If you want to wash the dust cup or the cyclones, press the dust cup release button and twist the dust cup to take it out to wash it by water.

How to clean floor head?

Use a coin to rotate the nozzle base release button, then take out the brushroll gently and clean it. If the brushroll is washed, please make sure it is completely dry before assembling it into the nozzle.

How should I clean the HEPA filter ?

Pull out the HEPA filter upwards, and gently tap it on trash can. After cleaning the HEPA filter, put it back into the dust cup.

Can I wash the HEPA filter?

Yes. The HEPA filter can be washed. Since frequent washing will reduce HEPA life, it is recommended that the HEPA filter is washed no more than once a month.

How long can the HEPA filter be used before replacing a new one?

The HEPA filter needs to be changed after 3 to 6-month use based on its working frequency and working environment.

Why did the machine suction drop a lot after being used for a while?

The decreasing suction power is normally caused by blockage. Please check and clean the dust cup, HEPA filter, brushroll and floorhead.

Where can I buy the extra HEPA filter and other additional accessories or replacement parts?

Extra HEPA filters and accessories are available for sale from local vacuum cleaner distributors or local online shops.

How do I know when the filter needs to be cleaned?

When you feel that the suction power of the device is getting weak or the run time is getting short, you should clean the filter. HEPA needs to be completely dry before reuse.

What should I do when the machine is not working?

Please check whether the vacuum cleaner has enough battery power and whether the parts like metal tube, electric floorhead are mounted correctly on the vacuum cleaner.

What should I do when the machine stops working during use?

Please turn off the machine for 5~10 minutes, or check whether the dirt cup and cyclone systems need to be cleaned.

What should I do when the brush roller stops working during use?

If the floor head is overloaded (for example, too much hair is entangled in the brush roller when cleaning carpet), the brush roller may stop working. Please turn off the machine for 5~10 minutes, or clean the brush roller.

What should I do when the suction power drops?

If the dust cup is full of garbage, or the filter is clogged, or the air passage of the floor head is blocked, it may cause the dropping of suction power. Please empty and clean the dust cup, clean or replace the filter, and clean the air passage of the floor head.

What should I do when the charging indicator flashes red and green alternately during charging?

Please re-plug the charger to the machine and power socket.

What should I do if the use time is reduced?

It may be caused by the aging of the battery, please replace the battery.

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