JIMMY‘s Core Technology and Innovation

In order to cultivate the core competitiveness of JIMMY, our company has always attached importance to the research and development of core technology and mastered the core technology of products - The high-speed rectifier motor, high speed brushless digital motor, centrifugal fan, and high-efficiency cleaning and filtration technologies developed by JIMMY (KingClean) have been at the forefront of technological development in the industry. The company's newly developed and successful high-speed and high-efficiency 550W DC brushless digital motor has an intake power of 300AW and an efficiency of 55%. The three-phase brushless motor technology and centrifugal fan technology have greatly improved the intake performance of hoovers, making the performance index of hoover products reach the world-leading level.

JIMMY's innovative noise reduction technology and silent technology have been adopted in products such as JIMMY vacuum cleaners and intelligent air conditioning fans, bringing consumers a distinctive consumer experience and enhancing the competitiveness of the products.