1. JIMMY applies the warranty period of twenty-four (24) months on all products (except accessories). Except it is assumed by EU law JIMMY cannot be held liable for a warranty period longer than the period as defined by the manufacturers and suppliers. JIMMY respects the rights and claims the Customer has in possession.
  2. When a product has a defect within the warranty period then please contact us via support@jimmy.eu a return form will be sent to you. After the form has been approved, the product can be returned for repair. For a defect within the warranty period by the customers' own doing JIMMY will give an estimate of the repair costs that includes material and labor plus the costs for the return shipment. If the previous statement is true, any costs, which came into being will not be compensated by JIMMY.
  3. Please note JIMMY.EU (this website) deals with warranty requests for those who purchase on THIS WEBSITE ONLY. If the customer(s) has a vacuum cleaner from other stores, we recommend you ask their customer service directly.
Warranty Guide
Product Category Model Components Warranty
Cordless Vaccum JV53/JV83/JV65 Plus/JV85/JV85 Pro/H8/H8 Pro/H9 Pro/HW8/HW8 Pro/HW10 Main Body 2-Year
Electric Brush, Anti-mite Brush 2-Year
Battery 1-Year
Floor Brushroll, Carpet Brushroll 1-Year
HEPA Filter 3-Month
Charger, Charging Base 1-Year
Water Tank 1-Year
Accessories (Soft brush, 2-in-1 upholstery tool, 2-in-1 crevice tool, Connector, Stretch hose, Metal tube) 6-Month
Anti-Mite Vaccum JV35/WB55 Main Body 2-Year
Brushroll 1-Year
HEPA 3-Month
Hair Dryer F6 Main Body 2-Year
Accessories (Fast drying nozzle, Styling nozzle, Diffuser nozzle) 1-Year
Pressure Washer JW31 Main Body 2-Year
Battery 1-Year
Charger 1-Year
Accessories (Extension lance, Multi-sprayer, Soap bottle, Hose, Hose filter, Tap connector) 6-Month

Warranty on products will be rendered void when:

  1. The warranty period has expired.
  2. Inappropriate usage.
  3. When the product is not in its original state, for example, due to modifications.
  4. When the product has been used in combinations with accessories that not support the product.
  5. Unsupported software or firmware.
  6. When a defect has been caused by the customer the costs for the repairs and shipment are for the customer to bear.


  • To request a repair please write an email to: support@jimmy.eu.
  • Give the failure description with a short video or photos with also the serial number and the invoice (PDF).
  • Upon receiving your email, we will respond within 24 business hours.