BX6 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner

  • 600W Strong Motor
  • 3 Cleaning Modes
  • UV Light & Ultrasonic Technology
  • Intelligent Dust Mite Sensor
  • Patented Composite Brushroll
  • 240mm Wide Suction Inlet
  • Patented Dual Cyclone Filter

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JIMMY BX6 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner

Dust mites are everywhere, do you know the harm of dust mites?

Studies have shown that mites, pollen, hair, dander, bacteria and other allergens can be easily found in 'clean' bed and sofa. There are up to 13270 dust mites in 1g bed dust.

BX6 harm of dust mites

Patented Composite Brushroll Cleans Thoroughly

The innovative brushroll consists of a soft rubber strip and soft hair strip that can pick up dust and mites deep in the mattress without damaging the mattress surface. With an independent brushroll motor, the brushroll offers strong tapping for a thorough cleaning.

BX6 Patented composite brushrollBX6 Patented composite brushroll detail

Strong Motor for Efficient CleaningThe 600W motor features high efficiency, strong power and great durability. Driven by a strong motor, JIMMY BX6 can achieve an efficient and deep cleaning around your house.

BX6 600W dual motors

BX6 Smart dust/dust mites sensor

Intelligent Dust Mite SensorThe smart sensor can calculate the dust and dust mites in the environment with high precision. The LED light turns red when there are many mites and turns green when it is clean, which helps you to clean the furniture in a smart way.

Professional UV Light & Ultrasonic TechnologyJIMMY BX6 vacuum comes with a professional ultraviolet light that is capable of killing 99.99% bacteria. The 253nm UV wavelength can destroy mite cells and ultrasonic waves can stop the reproduction of mites, keeping your furniture clean and hygienic.

BX6 LED UV & Ultrasonic Technology

BX6 240mm widened suction port

Wide Suction for Effortless WorkThe 240mm wide suction inlet makes it easy and effortless to clean big furniture, such as big beds and long sofas. With JIMMY BX6, you can clean your bed in minutes.

Patented Dual Cyclone FilterThe dual-cyclone filtration technology efficiently separates dust and mites from the air and effectively reduces blockage, making your cleaning easier and smoother.

BX6 Patented dual cyclonic filtration technology

BX6 3 different modes

Multiple Modes Meet Multiple NeedsThe JIMMY BX6 vacuum is designed with 3 modes to meet different cleaning needs.
Vacuum + UV Light
Vacuum + Tap
Vacuum + Tap +UV Light

Vacuum Your Whole HouseJIMMY BX6 is versatile and able to remove dust, mites, dander and hair from beds, sofas, cribs, clothes, etc., vacuuming your whole house with one machine.

BX6 multiple uses

BX6 More details

More DetailsA single click to empty the dust cup
Easy to clean and wash

Certified by Allergy UKJIMMY BX6 has been tested and approved by the professional agency, Allergy UK, reaching 99.9% mite removal rate, which is a professional and reliable anti-mite vacuum cleaner.

BX6 Certified by the Allergy UK Foundation

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BX6 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner